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Consultation Pricing

In-Studio Consultation: Complimentary
In-studio consultations take approximately 30 minutes and provide clients with a realistic look at their desired results. Technician will discuss color, shape, and procedure process.

Virtual Consultation: Complimentary
Schedule a complimentary virtual consultation by using FaceTime or Skype! Meet your technician, ask questions and learn more about the process.

Complimentary consultations are not required but recommended

Service Menu and Pricing

  Microblading (includes first session and 6-8 week touch-up)
Hairlike strokes created with a manual microblading tool. Super natural, realistic results.
Honour: $600
Amaris: $600
Stephanie: $550.00
Jane- $550.00
➤  Combo or Ombre Brow (combination of microblading and machine shading)
Microblading created with a manual microblading tool and added machine shading for depth and definition.
Honour: $600
.00 - $650.00
Amaris: $600
.00 - $650.00
Stephanie: $550.00 - $600.00
Jane: $550.00 - $600.00
➤  Powder Brow (includes 8 week touch up) 
Cosmetic semi-permanent makeup technique designed to mimic the look of a "powder filled" brow. Process is achieved with a PMU machine.
Honour: $600.00 - $650.00
Amaris: $600.00 - $650.00
Stephanie: $550.00 - $600.00
Jane: $550.00 - $600.00
➤  Color Boost (1-2 years or longer microblading touch-up)
Option for existing clients who are looking to refresh their microblading or permanent brows. We suggest waiting for color to fade at least 40% before scheduling a Color Boost appointment.
Honour: $300.00
Amaris: $300.00
Stephanie: $250.00
Jane: $250.00
Nano Bladeless Brows 
Nano is a machine technique which creates wispy,  realistic hairlike strokes. Nano is a great option for oily skin, delicate skin, or for someone with little to no eyebrow hair. 
Jane: $600.00 - 650.00
➤  Wax, Lash Lift/Tint, Brow Lamination
Tara: Pricing varies per service
➤  Permanent Eyeliner
Tight Line $250
Traditional Liner $300
Winged Eyeliner $400
Smokey Wing $425
(Top only, includes initial and touch up session)
Jane: Pricing varies
➤  Lip Blush
Lip blushing is a form of semi-permanent tattoo or makeup to rejuvenate the color of the lips and enhance the lips size, symmetry and definition. 
*Additional touch ups priced acoordingly 
Amaris: $350.00 includes 1 appointment 
➤  Pigment Removal/ Lightening
Saline solution *Li Lift applied to skin to lighten existing pigment.
Honour: $125.00 per session (6-10 sessions is typical) 
➤  Freckles/ Beauty Mark
Semi-permanent freckles and beauty marks perfectly placed by hand.
Amaris: Pricing varies
Please note prices do not include sales tax of 7%.

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