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Consultation Pricing

In-Studio Consultation: Complimentary
In-studio consultations take approximately 30 minutes and provide clients with a realistic look at their desired results. Technician will discuss color, shape, and procedure process.

Virtual Consultation: Complimentary
Schedule a complimentary virtual consultation by using FaceTime or Skype! Meet your technician, ask questions and learn more about the process.

Complimentary consultations are not required but recommended

Service Menu and Pricing

Microblading (includes 1st & 2nd sessions)
Honour: $550
Amaris: $500
Stephanie: $500.00

Blade and Shade (combo of microblading &shading)
Honour: $600
Amaris: $550.00
Stephanie: $550.00

Color Boost (microblading touch-up)
Honour: $300.00
Amaris: $250.00
Stephanie: $250.00

Permanent Eyeliner-
Upper $350
Lower $350
Both $650

Brow and Lash Grooming services- Tara Lorton
Lash lift and tint  $95
Brow lamination $75 
Brow tint only - $30 
Brow waxing and shaping - $25

Please note prices do not include sales tax of 7%.

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