Brow OTR Microblading in Cincinnati

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Brow OTR  is Cincinnati's finest destination for microblading and specialty brow/lash services. Our Artists are skilled in the transformation of eyebrows. Brow OTR Artists have fine art backgrounds and collectively have over 40 years of experience in the industry of beauty.
We take our intricate craft to a new level by implementing a combination of European techniques and a unique, custom approach. We work closely with our clients to ensure an experience second to none. Our beautiful downtown studio is comfortable and provides a relaxing and professional environment.

A Makeup Artist’s Eye and Hand

Working with the complex details of the human face and understanding bone structure and skin are key to beautiful microblading. Properly framing the eye and choosing the brow shape, size, and color that enhance beauty and symmetry will elevate the microblading experience. The artists of Brow OTR believe that this technique can only be perfected by someone with the eye for beauty and the hand of an artist.

Brow OTR - Brow Mapping

The Microblading Process

Adapted from an Asian technique, microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattoo created by micro-implanting pigment into the skin through tiny incisions to camouflage missing hairs, or even completely recreate an eyebrow by simulating natural hair. Many people have experienced a loss or thinning of brow hair due to age, over-tweezing or just a natural thinning of the brow. Through hair-like, micro strokes, the eyebrows can be dramatically enhanced!

Microblading is less invasive than a tattoo and the procedure is done by hand, not with a machine like traditional cosmetic tattooing. This technique has gained popularity in the united states and is now making a statement right here in Cincinnati!

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