Brow OTR Microblading FAQ

When you arrive for your appointment at Brow OTR Microblading you will consult with your technician and begin “mapping” the brow. This includes shaping of the existing brow through tweezing and trimming (if necessary). Once shape is determined your technician will outline the brow and apply a numbing cream for 30 minutes. Once the initial numbing has taken place your microblading procedure will begin. Prepare for your appointment to last between 2.5-3 hours. Your 30-day follow-up appointment will be a similar process but may only last 2-2.5 hours.

At Brow OTR Microblading we take every precaution to make sure you are comfortable throughout the entire process. By applying a numbing cream and then an additional gel during the procedure, we find that most experience little to no discomfort. Pain tolerance and quality of skin are also determining factors. Many relate the feeling to that of a tattoo or waxing.

For your appointment at Brow OTR Microblading, we will work closely with you one on one to determine the shape, size, and overall look of your eyebrows. We will then “map” out your shape using various tools until perfect symmetry and ascetics are achieved. There is no “1 size fits all” approach to designing the eyebrows. This process takes time and each design is unique. Photos are taken from various angles and an app is used to perfect shape and symmetry. Once you are satisfied with the shape we will then determine color.

There is no downtime needed after your microblading session. The eyebrow area can be slightly red and a bit tingly directly after your session but the strokes will appear extremely natural. The day after your session and the days following your brows will appear much darker and thicker. This is completely normal and part of the healing process. Once healed, your brows will lighten by 35-40%. Your eyebrows will go through various changes over the next several weeks until the final results are achieved. In 30 days you will return to BrOwTR Microblading for your touch up session where I can assess your brow shape and pigment retention.

In the days leading up to your appointment you’ll want to avoid anything that could potentially thin the blood such as alcohol and aspirin. You will want to check with your doctor about any medications prior to your appointment. It is also helpful to plan your future activities accordingly following your microblading procedure. You will want to avoid sweating, sun, makeup, and facial treatments for at least 10 days following your appointment. I prefer for you to arrive with untouched brows and a clean face (mascara and eyeliner are fine and great for before/after photos!)

When it comes to choosing a microblade technician, you'll want to do your homework! Not all technicians are pro’s, some are very new to the industry learning a craft it takes several months to perfect! Be weary of anyone offering microblading at a discounted rate or anyone who is not skilled in ascetics. It takes a keen eye and dedicated hours of practice to achieve beautiful microbladed eyebrows! Be sure to ask for before/after photos and testimonials.

The truth is, everyone is different! Typically your new brows will last between 1-2 years based on factors such as skin quality, skin type, and lifestyle. Clients who have oiler skin may fade faster. Sun exposure, medication, and facial treatments can also affect pigment retention.

Realistic results!

Microblading is a way to “enhance” your natural brows but it is still a form of tattoo. Although microblading mimics a natural hair stroke on the skin, keep in mind that color, shape and fullness of brow may still need to be slightly enhanced with cosmetics. Maintenance of the brow such as tweezing or waxing is required even with microblading. Hair will grow exactly as before the procedure.

Microblading Cincinnati after pic

Your Brow OTR microblading technician is available to you for questions or concerns 7 days a week.