About Microblading at Brow OTR


Your Brow OTR Microblading Experience

We know new experiences can be scary especially when they involve your face so that’s why Brow OTR studio is a warm and welcoming place where you will feel right at home! When you arrive we will begin the process by discussing your desired results. Once shape and style are agreed upon your brows will be mapped and measured to perfection! Now it’s time to numb the eyebrows with a topical numbing cream for approximately 25 minutes. We will take this time to sign consent forms and review medical history. It is now time to microblade your eyebrows! You will want to allow 2-3 hours to complete the entire process.

The Perfect Brow

The Design: Designing the perfect brow is an intricate process including careful measurements, perfecting the symmetry of the face with a specialized app, and of course client preferences. Brow OTR Microblading works with each individual until the desired shape and style is achieved. There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to eyebrows.

We’ve Done Our Research

Honour Hook is a 20 year beauty industry professional and makeup artist for BRIDEface Makeup Artistry, the leading Bridal Makeup company in Greater Cincinnnati.

Honour has traveled the country as a makeup artist training and working alongside some of the best known names in the industry including Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, and Trish McEvoy. Working in major cities such as New York, Chicago and Las Vegas, Her vast range of experience is what makes her microblading art so unique. As a professional makeup artist, Honour’s approach to microblading is very much like her aproach to makeup- every face is different, all features, bone structures and skin types are unique. Her microblading tehnique in customized. She believes there can be no one size fits all in beauty.

Honour takes microblading to a new height by introducing clients to a european style of microblading which incorporated several techniques including feathering and microshading. As the owner of one of Cincinnati’s first Microblading Studio’s, Honour’s goal is to provide an exceptional experience and incredible results to each and every client. She first received her microblading certification through Occhi Lash and Brow in Chicago, and later elevated her skill be joining the famed Phi Brow Worldwide Community. Phi tools and pigments are the best in the world and the signature style of Phi Brows microblading technique is second to none.

Eyebrows over 40

It’s true, after a certain age the brows begin to thin. The hair can get wirey, turn grey, and even fall out. Furthermore, consider that many women are also victims of the over-plucked brow trend which took their Brook Shields to a Marlene Dietrich. The problem with the over-plucking, over waxing is that the hair follicle becomes weakened and the brow hair never returns. This is a sad but true tale.

As the trends of brows change over time, so do our faces. Microblading must be performed considering the quality of the skin, elasticity, and symmetry. With this said, microblading must be age-appropriate and fit the style and desired appearance of every woman at every age. Brow OTR provides an exceptional experience and incredible results to each and every client. Our trained and certified professionals work with Phi tools and pigments. Arguably the best in the world and the signature style of Phi Brows microblading technique is truly second to none.

Follow your post-care instructions!

For the very best results, make sure to follow your aftercare instructions. Microblading post-care will have a major impact on your healed results. Your Brow OTR microblade professional will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions customized for your skin type.

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