Makeup vs. Microblading

Honour Hook Makeup Artist and Eyebrow Specialist

Filling in your brows on a daily basis can be time-consuming and inconsistent. With thousands of products on the market promising to whip your brows into perfect shape it’s hard to decide which ones are best for you. There are gels, tints, pencils, creams, waxes, etc and each requires a different application technique. These products also come in a variation of colors and tones making the choice even more challenging. Paired with having the talent to perfect the right shape and symmetry, many women choose to go without or wear their brows incorrectly.

As a makeup artist, one of the #1 complaints I hear from my clients is about their eyebrows! They can’t get them right no matter what they do because they are uneven and sparse and do not compliment the rest of their face. On top of that many women are afraid to swim or sweat too much for fear of being “browless” in public! What is the solution? Microblading, of course!

Microblading fills in sparse and uneven brows with fine, hair-like strokes. The color is matched and the shape defined. These results last up to two years!

Not to worry, your brow products can still be used over your microbladed brows for a more dramatic “makeup” effect if desired. The beauty of microblading is that the shape is there perfectly for you to follow along so there is no more guessing! Many clients feel so good with their new brow they report wearing less makeup on a daily basis because the defined and full brow has made them feel so much more “put together”. Microblading is fabulous and the only regret you will have is that you didn’t do it sooner! So Swim, sweat, and dance in the rain…your brows are staying put.